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Past Poetry Readings

  • “Mac’s Backs-Books on Coventry.” Cleveland Heights, Ohio, Oct. 2019.

  • “Scuppernong Book’s.” Greensboro, North Carolina, Oct. 2019.

  • “CACE Conference Literary Café.” The University of North Carolina at Greensboro, Feb. 2020

  • “The Under Review.” Virtual Issue Release, 2020

  • “New Southern Fugitives.” Virtual Issue Release, 2021

  • “The Maryland Literary Review.” Virtual Reading, 2021

  • "The New York Quarterly." Reading Series. Virtual Reading, 2021

  • "South Florida Poetry Journal." November Issue Virtual Reading, 2021 

  • "The Lyre." Magazine Release Event, Nov. 2021

  • "The Lyre." Magazine Release Event, April 2022

  • Kelsay Books' Poetry Reading - Guest Reader, July 2022

  • I-70 Review Contributors Reading - October, 2022

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Mac’s Backs-Books on Coventry 

Scuppernong Books

Greensboro College (The Lyre Release Event)

Maryland Literary Review Fall 2020 Issue Reading (Matthew reads 28:50-33:25)


Announcement Poster of New Southern Fugitives Virtual Reading

Announcement Poster of South Florida Poetry Journal Reading

NY Quarterly Reading Poster.png

Announcement Poster of New York Quarterly Reading Series

Announcement Poster of Kelsay Books Virtual Reading

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