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Literary Magazine Publications

Matthew's poetry has appeared or is forthcoming in the following publications:

(forthcoming unless the journal is underlined)


Delta Poetry Review, "Lightning Bugs Left in Mason Jars"

Heavy Feather Review, "My Front Yard in Summer"

The Lake Magazine, "When the Harlem Renaissance Went to Russia" 

Poetry Super Highway, "On Taking Out the Garbage at a College Apartment"

Pulsebeat Poetry Journal, "The Soundtrack of Summer"

Quarter Press, "The Hellhounds of Mississippi"

The San Antonio Review, "The Inagural Juneteenth Festivity"

The Syncopation Literary Journal, multiple poems

Thimble Literary Magazine, "The Drive Back Home from School with Mom"

Third Wednesday Magazine, "The Greatest Catch by Willie Mays"

The Tuskegee Review, multiple poems

The Wilderness House Literary Review, multiple poems

Aethlon: Journal of Sports Literature, "Ordering Mike Tyson Fights on Pay-Per-View"

Every Writer's Resources, "After the Final Baseball Game"

Glassworks Magazine, "Driving Through Western Maryland"

Jerry Jazz Musician, multiple poems

Long Leaf Press, "Colored Regiment Returns from WII" - anthology

Paddler Press, multiple poems

Piker Press, multiple poems

The Spit Bucket Zine, "More Sweet Than Science"

Valley Voices: A Literary Review, "Rural Church Reaper"


The Amistad, "Ol' Black Church Attire"

Baseball Almanac, "Voyage of the Negro League Player"

Casa Azul of Greensboro's Latitudes in Afro-Latinx Art - multiple poems - an exhibition

The Dead Mule School of Southern Literaturemultiple poems 

The Decolonial Passage, "Mammy Does the Morning Chores," *Pushcart Prize Nominee*  

Eunoia Review, "After the Parochial School Dance"

Fevers of the Mind, multiple poems

Hobo Camp Review, "Scenic Sunday Drive Upstate"

Hudson Valley Writers Guild, multiple poems - anthology

Litt Magazine, "Puerto Rican Dance Festival"

The London Magazine, "The Divine Comedy as a Jazz Piece"

The Lyre, multiple poems

The Museum of Americana, "The Last Dance at Paradise (Harlem)"

North of Oxford, "We Tell the Sad Stories of Aging Boxers" 

The Remington Review, "An Opening Day Snow" 

Roi Fainéant Press, multiple poems, *Best of the Net Nominee* 

San Pedro River Review, "My  Father's Vegetable Garden"

The Sport Literate, multiple poems

The Syncopation Literary Journal, multiple poems 

Words and Sports Quarterly, multiple poems 


Apple Valley Review, "Watering Hole Pastoral"

Bardball, "The Fire and Billy Martin"

Farmer-ish Journal, "The Crows Gathered at Sundown" 

Hudson Valley Writers Guild, multiple poems

I-70 Review, "Marcus Garvey Meditates Near the End" 

Juke Joint Magazine, "City Slicker Goes Countryside"

The Lyre, multiple poems, Third Place Finish in Poetry Contest

The Northern New England Review, "My Wooster Ave. Christmas - Circa 2003"

The Rye Whiskey Review, "Scenes from a Sports Bar"

Twin Bill, "The Banishment of Moses Fleetwood Walker" *Best of the Net Nominee*

Up the Staircase Quarterly, "Jim Tells Huck Finn a Bedtime Story"

WFDD (NPR Affiliate), Poetry Month Challenge, multiple poems - anthology


Albany Poets, multiple poems

Black Bough Poet, “June Bug Nights”

First Literary Review, “Macbeth Chessboard” 

Front Porch Review, "A Puerto Rican Dance Festival"

Kissing Dynamite Poetry, “When I Ran Away From Home and Only Took a Backpack of Rap" 

The Mark Literary Review, “Downtown Lights During the Holidays”

New York Quarterly, multiple poems

Night Music Journal, "Jazzman Plays the Songbook" 

October Hill Magazine, "Bat Flailing in the Backyard Shed" 

Pine Hills Review, "When Black People Get to Swim in Chicago"

Spitball Magazine, "Black Baseball Blues in Pittsburgh"

South Florida Poetry Journal, multiple poems

Trouvaille Review, " A Round Town Full of Squares"


Aethlon: Journal of Sports Literature, “A Commemoration: Ebbets Field”

Chronogram Magazine, “A Prescription from Dr. J”

Ghost City Review, “An Opinion Piece on the Death of Newsprint”

Loud Coffee Press, “Otis” 

Maryland Literary Review, “Cain Sings the Moon Blues"

The New Southern Fugitives, “If God Permitted Pirates on the Mississippi”

The Twin Bill, “The Voice of Bob Sheppard,” *Best of the Net Nominee*

The Under Review, “The Norms of the ‘60s Celtics”

The Westchester Review, The Last Gobstopper of Halloween”


Portrait of New England, two poems

Red Eft Review, “Summer in Starkville, MS”


Anti-Heroin Chic, two poems

Corvus Review, “On Wise Whitman”

Maudlin House, “Dark Comedy” 

Mused Literary Review, two poems

The Mystic Blue Review, three poems

The Pangolin Review, “Childhood Memories of Fireworks” 

Plum Tree Tavern, “Binghamton June"

The Sport Literate, “Voyage of the Negro League Player” 

The Stray Branch, “The Unseen Definite” 

Street Light Press, “There Was a Tornado in Brooklyn” 


The Occulum, multiple poems

Quail Bell Magazine, multiple poems

The Roanoke Review, “Lazarus is a Black Man,” *Best of the Net Nominee*

Scarlet Leaf Review, multiple poems


Ink in Thirds, “Reading the Face that Appeared in the Mirror”

Jerry Jazz Musician, multiple poems

The News Verse News, “Beautiful and Bitter the Water” 

Obsidian Magazine, “Summer in a Ghetto”

Sick Lit Magazine, multiple poems

The Yellow Chair Review, “Looking for Charlie Parker”


The Carolinian, multiple poems

The Coraddi, multiple poems


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